ABOUT THE NAME:  Taras (TARAS) is a strong, ancient name, originating in Greek and Italian, but now widely used very proudly throughout Ukraine. It is also the name given to one of the sons of mythological Poseidon - the king of the sea.


TARAS GUITARS has opened a window to a new paradigm --  to a new way of understanding and playing the guitar!

Our mission is to provide the modern market with an array of stunningly beautiful, excellently and conscientiously crafted guitars, basses and tapping instruments, created to inspire and challenge today's -- and tomorrow's -- forward-thinking player.

With a global and environmentally responsible perspective, and with proprietary designs that are compelled by the spirit and spark of innovation, we are a growing group of highly dedicated people making real on a powerful vision:

We are here to build the guitars -- and the guitar company -- of the future!